eXtended File Transfer platform

Introducing World’s first XFT Platform – Next Gen Secure File and Data transfer orchestration platform

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Our commitment is focused on providing unmatched flexibility and adaptability, catering to diverse sectors. Whether it’s the intricate realms of Defense, Government, Finance, Retail, Industrial, HiTech, or SMB, we ensure our solutions are perfectly aligned with your specific challenges and goals.

Any Deployment
On Premise, Hybrid or Cloud.
Any Speed
Scale performance based on your corporate needs.
Any Corporate
Defense/COV, Finance, Retail, Industrial, HiTech or SMB.
Any Flow
Chain your applications and security tools together.
Any Payment
Consumption, subscription or AWS/GCP Marketplace.

Use Cases

Explore our eXtended solutions for seamless file managment across remote work, corporate sharing, cloud storage, and secure connectivity. Enhace your bussines with advanced scanning, MFT integration, and robust security against malicious threats.

eXtended Supplier & remote Upload
Next-gen secure file uploads, both manual and automatic, with Defender Max Safe
eXtended Corporate Sharing
Advanced secure file uploads, manual & auto transfer methods.
eXtended App File Managment
Next-gen secure file scanning with manual & AI-driven orchestration.
eXtended Cloud File Transfer
Next-gen file scanning with AI & manual orchestration.
eXtended OT/IT Secure Data Connectivity
Next-gen OT/IT file transfer scanning with AI & manual orchestration.
eXtended MFT Integration
Secure file transfers scanning with AI orchestration & MFT integration.
eXtended vKiosk Transfer
Defender vKiosk: Secure desktop client for file scanning with manual & auto transfers.
eXtended Security Scanning
Integrate business app with cybersecurity for domain scanning.

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