eXtended File upload for suppliers, remote workers

Defender Max Safe is a next-generation secure eXtended file upload platform that combines manual and automatic methods of secured file transfer.

The platform is enabled either as a SaaS service or as an on-premise platform

The platform provides secure file transfer with unique integration to corporate security engines along with the consumption of security services from Cyber Cloud networks Defender framework.

Why do you need an eXtended File upload platform?

There are several reasons why secure file upload is important, including:

1. Protection against unauthorized access: Secure file upload ensures that only authorized individuals can access the uploaded files.

2. Prevention of data loss: Secure file upload reduces the risk of loss or corruption of uploaded files, ensuring that important data is not lost.

3. Compliance with regulations: Secure file upload can help organizations comply with various regulations, such as data protection laws and industry-specific regulations.

4. Protection against malware: Secure file upload can help prevent malware from being uploaded to a system, which can compromise data security.

Platform specifications

Deployment Modes:

Embedded Defender Max Framework technologies:

Licensing note:

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